Psychological Evaluations

I provide psychological evaluations for a variety of purposes, most commonly:

Pre-adoption psychological evaluations:

These evaluations are sometimes required as part of the adoption process as a supplement to the home study. They generally involve a thorough interview with the adoptive parent(s) as well as psychological testing.

Psychological Evaluations required for in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Various kinds of psychological evaluations are required as part of the IVF process. Egg donors are always provided with a psychological evaluation. Under some conditions the egg recipient and her partner are also afforded an evaluation.

Psychological evaluations required in the immigration process:

A psychological evaluation is sometimes required in order to support a request to waive an immigration requirement. Examples include the completion of form N-648 or a psychological evaluation in support of an Extreme and Exceptional Hardship case.

The fee for these evaluations is based on the amount of time that will be required.


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